The Greatest One Man Band in the World

It’s been a miserable few weeks of rain and wind in London this last month, but herself and I have no plans to let any of that get in the way of us enjoying the city. On Sunday we went to Brick Lane in the East End and in addition to taking a stack of photos of the all new street art that’s appeared since our last visit (and which I will post later in the week), we saw this guy belting out tunes to the Sunday afternoon crowd of tourists, traders and locals. I grew up listening to heavy metal, punk and hip-hop, so this was right up my street, but I understand that it’s not to everybody’s taste.

Please play the video with the volume turned up for maximum results. This guy was playing very loudly.

The performers name is Lewis Floyd Henry and If you like this and would like to hear more check him out here.

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  1. Same BLAH weather this side of the pond my friend.

    1. I’m also reading a book about the GULAG to make things extra grim.

      1. Got some sun today, cold and lots of wind moving in. I think I’ll call this Tri-State, DELMARVA, Galway East.

  2. Ha ha, we have a fair amount but of fog around as well. Going to work in the morning is like walking through a Victorian ghost story.

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