The Attenborough update

Accepting disappointment as sarcastically as possible.

Before the weekend, I asked you to submit questions that you would like me to ask David Attenborough if the chance arose at an event I attended to celebrate the remarkable success of Planet Earth II.

Well, unfortunately there was no Q&A section after the presentation so I didn’t get the opportunity to ask anything – in fact, I don’t recall Attenborough even speaking at all during the ceremony.

Secondly, I also hoped to get at least a decent photograph of the man, but sadly even that opportunity was crushed under the cruel wagon wheels of fate. The story behind my failed photo-op isn’t one of my most shining moments, but it is somewhat amusing in its piteousness.

As you would expect at this kind of event, the place was absolutely packed-out with people eager to get a glimpse of the Attenborough. Viewing space was in short, however, I had been fortunate in finding a sweet spot with a direct view of the stage on the bottom step of the building’s central staircase. By the time the presentation was ready to begin, the staircase was entirely full of spectators, but (of course) people still needed to use the steps  to get about their business. To make their passage easier, whenever someone came down or wanted to get up the stairs, I jumped down from my step and allowed through access (as I recall, I was the only person making any effort to create a space for movement at all). Anyway, a lady comes down the stairs and I step down to let her through, but – wouldn’t you know it – she only goes and steps right into my spot. I was so shocked by the impropriety of such an action (and because I didn’t want to cause a scene), I found myself utterly unable to pull her up on what people from my neighborhood would call very not on behaviour. Please bear in mind that the event took place in my office, so I wasn’t going to shake the boat too much, especially  considering I’ve only been here for a month. Oh well, c’est la vie, as the Dutch say. I got neither a question nor a photograph, but life goes on. I bet the lady who stole my place was able to take a good picture, although I hope not.

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  1. The Lady’s behaviour was appalling! You should have taken a photo of her and posted – fame / infamy ^^ It’s always hard to react on the spot, especially in a familiar environment, but I believe people should be held to account, if possible, in the social as well as the political sphere ^^

  2. rhapsodise says:

    It’s unclear whether she did it to spite you, though. For all we know, she may have simply misunderstood your kind gesture to mean that you were giving up your spot for her because you abruptly decided to leave.

  3. The injustice of it all!! I’m sorry you didn’t get a question or a picture, but glad you got to see the show 🙂

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