When we get going

Forget 2016. It’s gone. Done. C’est fini. A dead parrot. It’s 2017 now and things are going to change around here. For starters, we won’t be taking any grumbling from any of you lot. It’s time to knuckle down and get a move, especially you at the back. I can see you. Heads down, we’re going to power on through this. We need a serious focus on hard work and productivity in 2017 if we’re going to get anywhere. Mark my words. Before we get to that, however, someone put the kettle on for a cup of tea. Some biscuits would be a good idea too. A slice of cake would be grand if you have it. Anything besides carrots cake and then we’ll get to business. Of course, a nap wouldn’t be the worst idea. So that we’re all refreshed for when we get going.

Following the  indulgences of Christmas, it’s been a serious few weeks as I’ve been fitting into my new job and trying to get back into a healthy and productive rhythm once again. Marking the advent of a New Year, I recently  transferred from wordpress.com to .org  and one of the more playful differences between the two services is the ability to install a heap of plug-ins. These range from the productive and entertaining to the useless and annoying, so it’s taken me some time to figure out exactly what is and isn’t possible.

Thinking about time and how we move through life has been somewhat of a distraction of mine for the last several years and when the weather improves, I plan to take updated pictures of the historical locations I found in a published collection of old photographs of my neighbourhood (Chiswick Through Time, Carolyn & Peter Hammond). I had played with the idea of this quite trivial project a few months ago, but I was so busy with job and general life business that I never got round to embarking on the venture proper. I also couldn’t use the very handy image slider plug-in on my old plan. The plan, therefore, is to jump right into that as soon as the weather improves.

The below image is a mock-up of what I’m looking to do. I took this image as a test last summer:

You can now follow my adventures on Instagram here.

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  1. Bridget Marshall says:

    Find me on GitHub @VTG38

  2. plot34 says:

    Ooh, clever slider thingy.

  3. I recall E M Forster’s house there somewhere. Would love to see it again then and now. Whatever…..good luck!

    1. Hi, That’s absolutely right, his building is just around the corner from mine, looking out onto Turnham Green. Funnily enough I have an old picture of the place, taken decades before he lived there. It is on my list of places to photograph!

  4. I would wait a few days to see how things start to shape up…before I’d get going. The Middle of the Month is always better. 🙂

    1. I think you might be right!

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