Getting back into the groove

After a short time away, your faithful corespondent is back at his blog. To be honest, it’s been a long month and I’ve barely had a moment to myself since September. All I have to show for myself as far as photography goes is a picture that I took a fortnight ago and that I’m using as the Featured Image of this post, it’s a terrible shot but I’ve been rather occupied these past few weeks. I left my old job in the last week of September and after a weekend break, I started my new job on the following Monday. As if that wasn’t hard going enough, in my first fortnight of the new job, I had two of my brothers visit London at the same time. If you know much about the Irish, you will know that when one of us finally reunites with a brother not seen in years, there’ll be a fine fit of stout drinking going on to mark the occasion. As soon as they went home, I was not far behind as I was asked to be the godfather for my brother’s first son.  There was drinking and merriment that week as well, I can tell you. Add to that a thousand other things I’ve had to do and the horrible illness I caught from sheer exhaustion, I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write, or think about anything.

In one interesting turn of events, a video I filmed earlier this year and posted to this blog looks to have found itself some attention online. It currently has around 300,000 views on Youtube, which is very peculiar to me. Here’s a repost of the video for anyone who missed it the first time:

I’m looking to make a few changes in my life that will allow more time to write more essays, articles, short stories, etc. as I’ve been told that it might be a good area for me to pursue. We’ll see about that. I already feel like I’m juggling a dozen balls and I’m not sure if throwing a few more into the mix will do me any good.

Just before the Brexit referendum took place earlier this year, some of you may remember that I conducted a poll on my visitors to see if they could guess what the outcome would be. On that particular occasion, we got it wrong. We have a pool going on in the office about the US election and think that perhaps I will give another poll a try.

Who will win the US presidential election? Not who you would like to win, or who you will vote for, but who do you think will win?

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  1. Talk about juggling, the guy with his instruments had it going.

    Best to you in selecting the endeavors to juggle. Sometimes, that’s the hardest part.

    (PS – I took your poll.)

  2. Good luck finding a way to juggle everything! I’m in the same situation myself.

  3. mistynites says:

    Love the picture. Love the video.

  4. smallfitness says:

    I loved your pictures great post

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