Blogging is great craic altogether

One of the satisfying upsides to having a blog is that you get to share the cool stuff that’s going on in your life with the world.

I caught up with an old friend recently.  Richard Needham is his name and his family were my next door neighbours when I was growing up in the West of Ireland. We still see each other from time to time, and, while I’m not too keen on gossip, I like to hear how people are getting on in life. Like myself, he lives in London, working as a professional photographer. Besides his professional work, for a few years now he has been capturing his various travels and experiences on film. I saw some of his pictures and just had to ask if I could share his labours with you all. He was happy to oblige and sent me a few samples of work . A more substantial portfolio can be found on Flickr and Instagram.

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  1. I loved the flying skateboarder

  2. Quite nice by my eye. A tip of the hat to Richard.

  3. Marta Pombo says:

    I love all the pictures. Wish I could learn photography. Everytime I post a new poem or short story on my blog, which is something very simple as English is my 3r language, I try to illustrate it with a picture.
    Anyway, thks for sharing.

    1. Marta Pombo says:

      English is my 3rd language.

  4. Much as I love the street art the photos of Ireland and surfing were a pleasure this morning. For a nostalgic look back at surfing read “The Long Wave Goodbye’ on my blog.

  5. I like your article, very inspiring and thank you for your post

  6. The myriad of colours captured in the first is simply splendid! ? thanks!

  7. Iridescence says:

    These shots are brilliant!

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