Nobody cares about the bronze or silver medals – Buzz Aldrin

It looks like this site won a bronze award at this year’s Blog Awards Ireland. I’m not particularly sure what this means for the blog and there was no talk of any kind of cash prize, so I guess it’s a case of just ploughing on. I am, of course, very grateful to everyone who voted for this blog and look forward to the fun times ahead.

Also, I’m happy to say that Critical Dispatches has now officially passed 20,000 subscribers, which is around the average attendance of a Philippine Basketball Association game – a bit of takeaway trivia for you.

You can now follow my adventures on Instagram here.


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  1. PorterGirl says:

    Congratulations! Well deserved 🙂

  2. Vote early, vote often is what they say here across the pond. Congratulations.

  3. heavenliner says:


  4. lol well congrats anyway! It must be a good thing 🙂

  5. Bernadette says:

    Well earned recognition

  6. Also congrats and best wishes from us. That are days for more than one Stout. 😉

  7. Dee Gilbert says:

    Congratulations! ??????

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