I will be leaving my job in Camden in a few weeks, and, as a result,  I see significantly less street art featuring on this site in future – a great shame. Until then, I’m trying to photograph as much new work as possible. We’re experiencing somewhat of a “heatwave” in London at the moment (if you can imagine such a thing), so I jumped at the chance to take a walk around the neighbourhood to see what I could find on my lunch-break. I hope you enjoy.

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  1. hideawaygirl says:

    The heatwave in London is driving me mad at the moment! Also, Camden is literally the best place to take street art photos 🙂 Good luck with leaving your job!

  2. Some great art there, I’ll follow on Instagram.

  3. I live outside of London, and the areas of the city I have visited have never had anything like the amazing street art you have on this blog! Where is the best place to visit, for a day, to take in some of this mega stuff?

    1. I’d advise Brick Lane on a week day as its quiet during that time – although weekends in the East End are great fun, they are packed. Camden is good any time. Those’d be my two favourite spots. There are other places but they’re a little more difficult to access.

  4. [J] I think hideawaygirl must surely mean good luck with your NEW job (unless of course there’s something she knows about your old job which makes it very very tricky to leave!). The question we’ve all got at our finger-tips but are hesitant to type is – where are you going to be working next? And does it involve moving home?

    1. I won’t be moving home – not this year at least, I hope.

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