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  1. chris jensen says:

    Yeah, somewhat true, only the future is ever changing!


    1. I would have to agree.

    2. While we’re here. Chris, I’ve been following you online for a while now and would love if you could perhaps do a guest post for my blog. My contact details are available on the site.

      1. chris jensen says:


        No problem, what would you like my to post?


      2. Whatever you’d like, Chris. I think that you have a unique experience and express it with a unique voice. Whatever you’d like to say to the world.

      3. chris jensen says:

        That’s seem like a loaded question,
        i’ll think on it and give you an email,
        on my thoughts..


      4. Ha ha, that’s grand, man. There’s no rush.

  2. plot34 says:

    I love that TfL staff seem to be completely free to express their thoughts as “additional information”

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