Difficult roads

There were only two quotes on the travel noticeboard at Camden Road station this week. The manager has gotten quite used to me taking pictures and we tend to greet each other in the morning, which is somewhat of an interesting consideration.

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  1. Another connection made. I like this whole interaction very much. And I bet the manager (or whoever is choosing the quotes) likes to know there is an audience, and thinks of you when posting these messages?

  2. These are wonderful. Love them.

  3. Only two quotes, but two very inspirational and awesome quotes. Maybe the manager will start asking you for advice now!

  4. Hard not to let some of these sunrises pass you by.

  5. nmykel says:

    I wonder about the manager’s background. Enticing, something to think about.

  6. wallywanders says:

    Something to think about on one’s commute…such a brilliant Brit

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