A Kind of Compulsion

When I started photographing the street-art around London (particularly in Camden Town) I had no idea that I would be so busy at it. It’s a labour of love and I’m frequently impressed by the level of creativity shown by the artists. These new pieces by Autone1, Reb.MWC, DRT and Trust Icon have appeared almost overnight. You can now follow my adventures on Instagram here.

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  1. i really love the art. reminds me a bit of the street art in Cuenca Ecuador. so enjoy seeing this. keep it up!
    Nancy Thornton

  2. kam2991 says:

    There are murals all over my neighborhood in Philadelphia. They’re such a part of the cityscape that sometimes I forget I’m zooming past them on my daily run or when I walk to the grocery store. Thanks for sharing these!

  3. tanya nash says:

    Nice post. I think all over London, the amount of street art that keeps being generated is phenomenal. Its even faster near me in Shoreditch.

  4. You have a great eye.
    Your blog and photos are quite unique.

  5. so beautiful! This made my day!

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