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It’s been a fine week for street-art in Camden. I saw these new pieces while out for lunch.  I wish I could write more, but I’m a little up against it this afternoon, so I’ll just leave them here to your own tender mercies. For more street-art and other strange things, you can follow me on Instagram.

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  1. 1banjo says:

    Apart from skill level, what is the difference between graffiti, street art and tagging?

    1. That’s a question the police have been trying to properly address for decades.

  2. 1banjo says:

    Does “permission” enter into the question? “Properly address” sounds like political correctness. And is vandalism no longer recognized as a crime?

    1. Ha ha, there’s cetainly no political correctness here. I mean that even the authorities struggle to distinguish the between two. I’m no expert in the topic, however, after conversations I’ve had with street artists, permission certainly factors into it. With most of the spots that I photograph, prior permission has been obtained. Though that is not always the case.

  3. i enjoy your unique blogs

  4. Just incredible…thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  5. mzrosie says:

    I love street arts. I enjoy your Camden photo art. Why are there so plentiful in Camden? We have quite a few here in Toronto as well and I also love to photograph them.
    Thanks for sharing,

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