Le Sacre du printemps

The weather in London may have been particularly rotten this Easter Weekend, but that didn’t stop the city’s street artists from getting some work done. I saw this new mural in Stucley Place this morning. The dramatic wall of colour blocking out the grey-scale illustration is almost a reflection of the always overdue transition from winter into spring. We will start to see longer days and more sunshine around the capital soon and I’m sure that it will be an interesting season for street art.

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  1. 1banjo says:

    Busy streets are an invitation to the death cult.

  2. ellenbest24 says:

    This reminds me of the pavement scene in Mary Poppins, you could just step right in. Thank you for your post.
    The weather in the West Country was particularly blustery, We hosted bright sunshine and broke out the first barbecue of the year on the Monday before Easter. The next few days delivered torrents of rain, wind that ripped another fence panel clean from its spot, howling and roaring until the stream at the bottom of the garden swirled an angry brown, We were visited by Katie ( the storm) who delivered Hail and blew the oak bench from the deck. All in all a usual British bank holiday.

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