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  1. heavenliner says:

    Super nice…

  2. mzrosie says:

    Cool photos.
    Regards, Rosie

  3. seanknox183 says:

    I spent some time in London around this area a few years ago when my girlfriend was studying her masters there. It is a beautiful city. It gets a bad rap, I think. I am hoping to move back there at the beginning of next year and am very excited. Places like Brick Lane and Camden make it for me

  4. Wow, these are absolutely beautiful! I love how detailed these are and how each clearly have some sort of story behind them.

  5. frugalceline says:

    Nice…The street art is really cool

  6. Cool photographs!!! 🙂

  7. Now I know why it was so sad for me when I lost my camera. Lovely.

  8. Tola-Lola says:

    Street art is just a different world ?❤

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