Best of London Pavement Signs

John Cleese once said that his Three Laws of Comedy were 1. No puns, 2. No puns, and 3. No puns. This nugget of wisdom, however, has not been adopted by the shop owners of the Greater London area. Their signs almost invariably contain a pun in some form or other and I don’t see any harm in that.  Whenever I cross a shop with an interesting pavement sign, I have a weird compulsion to take a picture of it.  Here is a collection of some of the best I’ve snapped in the last year or so.

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  1. Brilliant post that will fix any lunchtime blues!!

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    Had to reblog because 1) Brilliant post that made me smile and 2) we both use the same WordPress theme…great minds…

  3. All excellent, but the last one is right down the middle (as I start my first cup today ).

  4. ! Acesse ao meu também

  5. beef.ormance says:

    Inspiring blog in general and, in particular, this post is amazing. My favourite sign is the one that tells you how to improve your sight.

    Thank you for sheding light on the small highlights of our daily lives. Keep the good work up!

  6. Excelent Post, Good Job

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