Brick Lane Mega-Gallery Pt. 1

Here are the street art pieces we saw on our trip to Brick Lane last weekend. I will say no more and let the work speak for itself.

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  1. chris jensen says:

    Great images, love the post!

    Could you send me an e-mail of with the mp3 attached of your favourite song?

    ifinn you do i will create an Image Video for you!

    cheers chris

  2. maria says:

    Beautiful artworks. Wow. 😀

  3. gertloveday says:

    What lively colours I thought. Then I saw the skull beneath.

  4. lyart says:

    great pics! I like the I recycle art one, esp.

  5. Epic
    You find some cool stuff

  6. karenmusic95 says:

    Very Cool, wish one day there is a street for graffiti in Hong Kong!!

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