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I caught sight of this poem, written on the pavement outside Camden Underground Station, while on my way back to the office after the gym this afternoon. It looks to be by the same person whose work I photographed a few months ago.

For those finding the handwriting difficult to decipher, the poem reads:

They call me Hymn and nothing more, one of the Rainbow Warriors, sharing universal law, and the first law I always like to give, because it’s the one by which I like to live, is do the thing you love to do and the universe will take care of you. That’s very simple but still very true, and it works for everyone, even you. Then onto forgiveness and letting go. Tools through experience I know help the heart grow. These are the seeds I am in Camden to sow. Just gentle reminders, Because I know we all know.

It’s a very simple and certainly a quixotic little verse, but one I permit myself an admittance toward enjoying. It is curious that the theme of forgiveness should come up again so soon after my previous post. Just as I promised September last, I tossed a few shillings into the author’s cap as I passed and he busied himself with another poem.


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  1. Mils says:

    Only just stumbled across your place. Am beginning to treasure it. Many thx.

  2. Roos Ruse says:

    My life’s calling in a poem! Delightful <3

  3. “These are the seeds I am in Camden to sow. ”
    ~ I found this line of special interest. Your street poet may not be all that he seems to be.

  4. Recently I was in London and I stayed at the Park Plaza hotel at Victoria…nothing too exciting but the carpet of the corridor of my room was amazingly nice with loads of positive vibes… I took a picture and posted on my instagram… Which you can see on my site… And I am happy for you to reproduce on your site should you feel appropriate… Like a lot your site and I will follow..

  5. Pola says:

    How much does a shilling go for these days? ~ P ~

    1. Not as much as it used to 🙂

      1. Pola says:

        Before my time.

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