Acid Picasso and gentrification

I very much like this new Picassoesque mural by Italian artist Renato Hunto that can be found on the Kentish Town Road in Camden, London. Behind the oppressive looking gate on which the piece has been sprayed, demolition crews are working to knock down the old Camden Lock Village Market to make way for a redevelopment project that is set to build new residential, retail and commercial spaces as well as a new primary school.

For the many Camden locals who welcome the project as a rejuvenation of what had become a particularly dilapidated part of town, the redevelopment couldn’t have come soon enough. Other groups, however, have voiced the opinion that the loss of the market is just another example of ongoing corporate and political efforts to drive working class and low-income residents out of the city. These allegations follow the revelation that only 14 of the planned 170 living spaces will be considered as affordable to the average Londoner. After last week’s anti-gentrification protests in Shoreditch, it will certainly be interesting to see how the Camden project unfolds over the next year.

What do you make of the piece?

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  1. I’m always in favor of street art when it brings to one’s attention things that might not otherwise be noticed. Gentrification is a huge issue here in Seattle with the tech boom. We might be headed the way of San Francisco… With $3500 per month for your average one bedroom.

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  3. Love the art for the reason you mention….Picassoesque.

  4. nvsubbaraman says:

    Great! Loved reading!Thanks.

  5. Risha says:

    I support street art. They should do it everywhere especially in place where they have garbage problems. Beautification makes people think before they throw trash anywhere. You can check out my blog too…

  6. Moi says:

    Its colourful and it livens up what would be a drab entrance but Ill admit the actual image does nothing for me.

  7. I’m a fan of street-level art (hence ), the colors are great and livens up the drab scene.

  8. Nick Fox says:

    Great site. Keep up the good work.

    Also, love the piece. Hate the price of the apartments.

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