This is becoming a bit of a hobby

While I certainly don’t want this to become one of those blogs comprised solely of funny pictures, I saw this on my afternoon run the other day and had to take a picture.

I promise that I am working on more productive things at the moment and hope to share them soon, but everything has been more than a-little-all-over-the-place in my life recently.

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  1. It’s okay. The funny picture said something you wanted to say. Quick, clean and to the point. (And ain’t it the truth?)

  2. That’s funny! I love a good independently owned coffee shop but sometimes they’re hard to find.

  3. Shawn says:

    Luckily, I have the Midtown Scholar down the street from me here in Harrisburg, PA. It’s a great used bookstore with a fantastic coffee bar. So, yay independence!

  4. I’m not complaining 😉
    We all need to smile more !!

  5. You made me smile this morning!

  6. mbaldelli says:

    Nonsense… be funny, be circumspect, be poignant, and of course be yourself. It doesn’t matter really if you follow a trend for a while. They help sort out the next set of thoughts we have…

  7. thirteen1999 says:

    Quick and hilarious, nice! 🙂

  8. HAHA! I intend to go on a coffee shop binge when I am in London. If you could give me a list of some great non-franchise places I would appreciate it!

    1. Sure, tell me which part of town and I’d be happy to help

      1. I’ll probably be all over. But definitely Kensington, Camden, and Piccadilly. I want to explore all the neighborhoods so wherever!

      2. I work in Camden, it’s an interesting area. There are certainly some great places to check out here. This place does great coffee and ice-cream

      3. Great! Thank you so much! 🙂

  9. writersideup says:

    Oh, LOVE this one! And it’s a hobby I’m appreciating! Is this sidewalk tent stuff with these clever sayings becoming a trend? 😀

    1. Together we can make it a trend!

      1. writersideup says:

        And, you know, if I had a storefront—I would! 😀

  10. Looking forward to your blogs in the next few weeks as you have promised.
    Kind Regards and Happy Days Kathy.
    ps just in case u celebrate Thanksgiving happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow sure celebrate it anyway us Irish love celebrating .

  11. I àgree! I love to find local and original cafes wherever I go. Thanks for following my blog

  12. lovessiamese says:

    Neat. It’s kind of flash fiction-ish (new word I made up?) Looking forward to reading more of your writing. Thanks for visiting and following me.

  13. eurobrat says:

    Except to some of my friends, this might make franchise coffee shops more attractive 😉

  14. I liked their creativity there. On the other—what if they were telling the truth? :o)

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