Traveling better with Tubiquette

Even at the best of times, riding the Tube can be a labored and infuriating experience. And it’s not even the delays, cramped carriages or bronchiole clogging tunnels that’ll drive an otherwise sane person to screaming at non-English-speaking strangers, but more a confluence of small, regularly occurring, irritations; tourists standing on the left side of station escalators; pushing onto a carriage before passengers have departed the train properly; approaching a gate before having an Oyster card out and ready. It takes a London newby a while before adopting the intricate codes of courteous and efficient Tube travel, but the Travel Better London – rolled out as part of the Mayor of London’s wider Transport Strategy – campaign is here to help. Promoting a safer, cleaner and more efficient transport system, the campaign is a very much appreciated effort on the part of the city council to make city travelers’ journey that little bit more tolerable.

Also, I must admit, the campaign’s accompanying posters, illustrated by McBess, are pretty damn cool.

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  1. The one good thing Boris Johnson’s done! Thank you also for following First Night Design. If you’re into theatre, I also have!

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