Addicted to Cha Siu Bao

Although I’m absolutely positive that many of the ingredients found in Yang Guang Supermarket’s – other Asian supermarkets are available – steamed buns have no business being in the human body, they are my current absolute, sell-your-own-shoes-to-buy-one, addiction. If you ever find yourself in London’s Asian district, I suggest finding their modest stall and giving these bad-boys a try. They only cost around £1.50 per bun so even if they’re not to your taste, you haven’t lost all that much money. The vendor in Chinatown also offers vegetarian buns as well as a selection of dumplings. They are the perfect post-drink snack following a boozy Saturday afternoon in Waxy O’Connor’s, a notable Irish bar located neatly between Soho and Trafalgar Square.

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  1. Lauren Owen says:

    Oh – Yum! I agree these are delicious!!

  2. oh, that looks good! I so miss street food! I would love a doener right now, or try one of those things you wrote about, yum!

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